ConcourseCI on ARM64

  1. Download Concourse CI for your platform
# add Concourse bin folder to $PATH (Fish shell)
$ concourse generate-key -t rsa -f ./keys/session_signing_key
$ concourse generate-key -t ssh -f ./keys/tsa_host_key
$ concourse generate-key -t ssh -f ./keys/worker_key
$ cp keys/ keys/authorized_worker_keys
$ wget
$ docker-compose up
$ fly -t tutorial login -c http://web-node:8080 -u user -p password$ fly -t tutorial workers -d
name containers platform tags team state version age garden address baggageclaim url active tasks resource types
arm64-worker 0 linux none none running 2.2 1m29s 0 registry-image
$ fly -t tutorial execute -c concourse-task-hello-world.yml
executing build 51 at
selected worker: arm64-worker
running echo hello world
hello world
$ bash
Concourse API target tutorial
Tutorial basic-pipeline
~/git/concourse-tutorial/tutorials/basic/basic-pipeline ~
job job-hello-world has been added:
+ name: job-hello-world
+ plan:
+ - config:
+ image_resource:
+ source:
+ repository: arm64v8/busybox
+ tag: latest
+ type: registry-image
+ platform: linux
+ run:
+ args:
+ - hello pipeline
+ path: echo
+ tags:
+ - aarch64
+ task: hello-world
+ public: true

pipeline created!
you can view your pipeline here:
the pipeline is currently paused. to unpause, either:
- run the unpause-pipeline command:
fly -t tutorial unpause-pipeline -p tutorial-pipeline
- click play next to the pipeline in the web ui
unpaused 'tutorial-pipeline'
started tutorial-pipeline/job-hello-world #1
selected worker: arm64-worker
running echo hello pipeline
hello pipeline



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